Orient star is a huge commercial investment project enfolds all needs and interests of Arab and international investment companies in order to launch its business in one place,, so this place can be the center of its offices and projects .
Orient Star project is considered to be a milestone in the modern civilization and technology which will make available for the investors whether individuals or companies every service they need to develop and facilitate their work through :
providing mall , center fairs administration , luxurious hotel , fine offices , fairs , gym .
meeting hall , celebration hall , variety of restaurants ( Arab – western food )
and finally the spinning restaurant .

in addition of providing all kinds of modern services on a land of 50000 square meters where gardens , lakes , waterfalls are met and combined with pace , tranquility and fresh air . the best thing is that the project is so far away from the city and its noises thus the investor is blessed with comfort doing his projects . and this idea preoccupies the mind of any investor at the beginning of the process of searching for a center or a foundation to start the investment in the kingdom .

orient star project has a special feature for its design is distinguished from other commercial project s on the international level in general and on the Arab one in particular thus it shall be a shining star seen from earth to the sky and noticed from the space .
the project is also distinguished for it dependence on new- energy saving technology through applying solar energy in its design so it is an environmentally friendly project